Roof Inspections

Why Regular Roof Inspections are Necessary

The most important reason for regular roof inspections is to ensure that you do not void your roof warranty.  Manufacturers generally require customers to show evidence that their roofs have been inspected at least twice a year by a qualified inspector, on the other hand, Fixing a roof can be the most expensive house repair an owner may face, That means an inspection can be well the investment, be sure to have roof inspection , so you can factor the repairs into the cost.

The Process

The purpose of roof inspections is to find any problems as well as gauge the remaining life of a roof. The inspector will look at the roof angle and see how long it takes for water to evaporate. An acceptable rate is around two days but it can vary by location.
Inspectors will walk on the roof and look for weakened areas that indicate rot or leaks. If an area isn’t safe enough to access, the inspector will typically use binoculars. Every inch of the roof should be inspected including individual shingles.
The materials used to build your roof will also be assessed on when it was constructed, the last replacement as well as the materials’ nature of deterioration.

Common Roof Problems

In addition to weathering, roofs are subject to hail damage, wind damage, manufacturer’s defects, and installation defects
Feel free to ask to see problem spots and potentially vulnerable areas during the inspection. Some of the most common problems include:

  • Loose, broken or missing roofing material
  • Blistered, curled of split shingles or tiles
  • Shingle granules in rain gutters
  • Improper air conditioning or swamp cooler installation
  • Sagging between rafters or near ridges